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I recently received an invitation from Streamlit to test their new tool, Streamlit Sharing, which allows implementation, quickly and very simply, the implementation of an App created with Streamlit, since this project is already in a Github repository.

I confess that I was surprised by the speed with which I was able to implement a project of mine, which previously ran only locally on my machine and now anyone from anywhere in the world can access this application.

Before going into the code details, it is important that this tool is not released for everyone, but you can request access…

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Perhaps one of the questions I have heard the most in my life was: How to learn to program and my answer has always been: Learn Python, and then I listened to these people, why learn Python?

If you identified with this story, today I will present you some points that will show you why Python should be your first programming language. And if you already have programming experience, whether in JAVA, PHP, C, C ++ among others, but want to learn a new language, you can be sure that this article is also for you.

For me, one of…

NASA Mission Control. nasa.gov

What is a Dashboard?

One of the virtues of a data scientist for sure is knowing what to look for in the gigantic amount that is generated daily, but perhaps more important than that, is knowing how to pass this information on to others, for example, at a meeting of the present the information extracted from the data to your boss in an elegant and succinct way.

The purpose of setting up a dashboard, most of the time, is to present callsigns or insights to people, with the purpose of making a decision from these callsigns.

To do this many people use slides with…

If you fall into this world of Data Science and Machine Learning, and you still don’t know where to start studying or you are a professional, but you are looking for materials to expand your knowledge, for both cases, this article is for you.

1) Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow

Let’s start our list with a classic, essential book for you who are studying machine learning and Data Science.

Certainly, it is one of the best books in the area due to the fact that it has countless practical projects, making sure that you are not just stuck with theory and learn how to build an…

In the first part of the tutorial (Click here to see), the most basic topics of the OpenCV library were presented, here in this step we will apply that knowledge and some more to make a project that you can add to your portfolio.

The Problem

Imagine that you are a person who works with photographs and you have a lot of images taken from a party that you were hired to do, you want to add them to your portfolio, but you need to add to them your company’s watermark and to to do this it will be necessary to open…

Deep Learning in Healthcare

With the advancement of the field of Artificial Intelligence it increasingly applied in the most diverse fields of knowledge and in the area of health is no different.

Currently Artificial Intelligence is being applied in several situations within medicina, some of which are:

  • Increase diagnostic accuracy
  • Alert of the patient’s clinical condition
  • Disease Treatment
  • Determine relevant studies on a given topic
  • Identification and assimilation of symptoms

Deep Learning

The technique know as Deep Learning is certainly one of the most applied techniques in this area, its operation is based Artificial Neural Networks that aim to reproduce the behavior of the human brain…

One of the simplest situations in our daily lives is that you have to look both ways before crossing the street to identify whether it is safe to pass at that moment or not,

At first seems to be a simple situation, in fact it is not, since in this process we are using perhaps one of the most complex functions that our brain is able to perform: Process what we see.

O primeiro Hello, World

Acredito que muitos aqui já devem ter feito seu primeiro Hello, world em alguma linguagem, para aqueles que não fizeram aqui está o código em python print('Hello, world').

Relembrando esse momento mágico do Hello, world que todos tivemos, o dataset que vamos trabalhar hoje é considerado o Hello, world do Deep Learning e Visão Computacional.

Sem mais mistérios, o dataset é o Fashion MNIST que contém 70 mil imagens de 10 classes diferentes. …

Deep Learning na área da saúde

Com o avanço do campo da Inteligência Artificial cada vez mais ela é aplicada nos mais diversos campos do conhecimento e na área da saúde não é diferente.

Atualmente a Inteligência Artificial está sendo aplicada em diversas situações dentro da medicina, algumas delas são:

  • Aumentar a precisão de diagnósticos
  • Alerta do quadro clínico do paciente
  • Tratamento de Doenças
  • Determinar estudos relevantes sobre um determinado tema
  • Identificação e assimilação de sintomas

Deep Learning

A técnica conhecida como Deep Learning é com toda certeza uma das técnicas mais aplicadas nessa área, seu funcionamento é baseado nas Redes Neurais Artificias que tem como objetivo reproduzir…

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Electrical engineering student and technology enthusiast. Projects in fields such as Machine Learning, Time Series and Computer Vision. https://www.linkedin.com

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